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Monitor data from your fitness tracker


Da Fit is a tool that you can use to keep track of the data captured by your fitness wristband or smartwatch. With its fairly uncomplicated and orderly interface, you will have constant access to the statistics generated due to the exercise you undertake. This can offer a more general guide to your overall health.

Record health-related data

The data processing will be carried out automatically, and all you need to do is keep the smart wristband connected to your Android device. As a result, the tool can collect information, including the steps you take, and monitor your heart rate, sleep, or physical activity. In the tab at the bottom, you can review all this data. In the second tab, however, you will see your connected devices.


Reach your goals

In addition, from the options section, you can adapt any parameter to your needs. This is very important so that each category is configured according to the formats typical of your geographic location. The tool will even award badges based on the goals reached and challenges overcome. By doing this, Da Fit aims to motivate you to push you to achieve your goals for improving your health. As you can analyze your data within the tool, you will have the opportunity to change certain habits that are detrimental to your general health.

Customize your smartwatch backgrounds

One of the most interesting features of Da Fit is the possibility of choosing the wallpaper of your wristband or smartwatch. Within the app, you will find a catalog of images you can set as the wallpaper for your device. Some are interactive and dynamic, offering a more lively experience when you want to review the data from the watch. It is worth bearing in mind, though, that these backgrounds may increase the use of the wristband's battery.

With Da Fit, you can control all your daily physical activity from your Android. Undoubtedly, Da Fit is an interesting tool that compiles much data to help you take full advantage of your fitness band or smartwatch.

Reviewed by Carlos Martínez Translated by Uptodown Localization Team

Requirements (Latest version)

  • Android 4.4 or higher required

Information about Da Fit v2.7.6-154-g124cd6a20e

Package Name
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Fitness
Language English
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Downloads 443,507
Date Jun 20, 2024
Content Rating +3
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Older versions

apk v2.7.6-54-ga86756bd4d Android + 4.4 Jun 18, 2024
apk v2.7.5-6-g93f4f236b9-dirty Android + 4.4 May 25, 2024
apk v2.7.5-6-g93f4f236b9-dirty Android + 4.4 Jun 15, 2024
apk v2.7.3-11-gdd6ed4e35b Android + 4.4 Apr 12, 2024
apk v2.7.3-10-g2337cafb1b Android + 4.4 Apr 26, 2024
apk v2.7.0-103-g78d690ccf4 Android + 4.4 Feb 27, 2024

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21 reviews


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calmpurplecrow21658 icon
1 month ago

I was used to putting my photo with another watch and another app, but with this app I can't put it, can anyone tell me how to do it

magnificentgreysparrow4452 icon
8 months ago


calmpurpledeer64113 icon
9 months ago

At first the application was compatible with my cell phone, now that I wanted to reinstall it, it can no longer be done, because it says that it is not compatible, what can be done in that situation

calmgoldensparrow61855 icon
in 2023

It won't let me install

bravepurplelychee30523 icon
in 2022

Is there any way to get additional watch faces added to the gallery or to edit some of the existing ones to change the colors? I would like green and blue options for the faces that only are in red cu...

fancygoldenpigeon14506 icon
in 2022

Hello, I have a p70s smartwatch and in this app the option to put a photo does not appear. In the bookmark options there is no option to put a photo. Why? And what can be done? If anyone can clarify t...

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